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Friday, January 8, 2021

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Fruits and Vegetables

In this animation site, Kids Nursery Rhymes on Fruit names and Vegetable names children, kids can learn Fruit names and vegetable names through Toys, Animals , ice creams, cakes, candies, soccer ball/football, basketball, wooden probes, donuts, balloons, Santa, cupcakes, cookies, bowling ball, Trains, aeroplanes, eggs, traffic signals, gift boxes, lolly pups, snow mans and vegetables.
Kids Songs on Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

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If you have a kid, he spells the number of words thanks to the nursery rhymes and songs they are exposed to. Parents should let their children learn names at a right time. Parents should cut out the fruits and their outlines from the printouts. And one should make a mind map on how you want to arrange the fruits. 

Next, paste the fruits and outline of each other. Parents should write the description of fruit in terms of whether the child loves the fruit and the color of the fruit can be added with the help of sketch lines. 

After completion of it show the completed chart to your kid. Now, parents should point at the picture of fruit and ask its name. When the child tells it correctly praise him with pat if he didn't tell him to correct one and ask him to color the fruit picture with mentioned color crayon. 

If you have real fruits at home place it before the child and ask to replace those as per the picture uttering its name. By doing this whole process parents can attract child attention and can teach them different fruits available in the day to day life.

Kids Nursery Rhymes :

In our kids nursery rhymes channel, we develop fruits and vegetable concepts for kids, toddlers, preschoolers. 

Our kids nursery rhymes channel promotes these fruit concepts with utter conviction. We keep in mind the sensibilities of kids and their cognizance levels.

In a forest, a parrot with hunter dress relaxes its muscles to throw boomerang towards fruits resting on wooden pedestals. Content:

The Parrot throws the boomerang to nearby apples, and the apples go up and fall down when they were hit by the boomerang. Parrot thumps her hand with great joy.

The Parrot again throws the boomerang to nearby cherries, and the cherries goes up and falls down when they were hit by the boomerang. Parrot thumps her hand with great joy.

This whole process repeats the same thing with other fruits like Kiwis, Pineapples, Oranges, and Mangoes. Parrot finally stands near wooden pedestals and feels victorious.


In our kid's nursery rhymes, we create fruits content in different concepts kids always love watching birds. Parrot is one such bird child gets excited by watching it. The boomerang is one such a weapon that children really likes. 

So, the combination of the boomerang with the parrot and shooting fruits with boomerang really entertain kids and in in the meantime they will be educated about different fruits.
In this animation site, Kids Nursery Rhymes on Fruit and Vegetable names, one train having a bundle of fruits and vegetables. 

Those are the Apples, Bananas, eggplant, Cabbage, Oranges, Grapes, Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Mangoes. Totally ten items here displayed.
In this animation site, Kids Nursery Rhymes on Fruit and Vegetable names, different Squirrels trying to drink the juices with different fruits and vegetables. 

First Squirrel drinks Apple juice with apples, second squirrel drinks Mango Juice with mangoes, third squirrel drinks kiwi juice with kiwi fruits, fourth squirrel drinks strawberry juice with strawberries, fifth squirrel drinks orange juice with oranges totally here we explained five different juices with different fruits.
In this animation site, Nursery Rhymes on Fruit and Vegetable names, one hen carrying the fruits and vegetables with the basket and after some time she went to the tree to take rest and kept the fruit and vegetable basket aside and lay down to sleep. 

At that time one duck come and take the strawberry fruit, one Ant come and take the tomato, one rabbit came and take the carrots, one squirrel came and take the apples, in the same way, orange, potato, banana, and eggplant take by others. Here we totally explained around eight fruits and vegetables.
Kids Nursery Rhymes on Alphabets:
Our kid's nursery rhyme creates alphabetical concepts for kids, toddlers, preschoolers. In our kids nursery rhymes, we create phonics concepts with various animals, props. 

So that kids learn the topic as well as enjoys these concepts thoroughly. Alphabets are the foundation for children life, and its impact will clearly reflect in the kid's future education. So we, kids nursery rhymes make sure kids do not get confused and deviated from the sounds of letters.

CONTENT from A to M:

A for ANT
An Ant sits on the tree suddenly apple falls. Suprised by sudden fall, the ant tries to move the apple by flexing her muscle.
      Then the letter A falls Finally top to the shock of ant. Finally, it moves the apple and drags it away. 

B for BEAR

A Bear walks cheerfully in the open ground then it encounters bananas all over the place. By seeing a number of bananas it gets thrilled and dances merrily. Then falls the letter B.


C for CAP
A Chicken walks proudly on the open ground suddenly it sees a cap hanging on a tree branch. Upon seeing the cap,  
It mulls on wearing the cap .so it hits the cap so that cap automatically falls on her head.then appears the letter c. 

D for DUCK

A Duck watches donuts on her way .so she started thinking to grab the donuts so she walks mischievously to donats
suddenly letter D falls from the top with bang.frightened by it duck runs by grabbing one donut.

E for EGG 
An Elephant drinks the water and the two eggs in the nest nearby tree, letter E falls in between them.
F for FROG
Frog go merry and dances crazily  upon seeing flowers in front of her way 


A Gorilla growls and nearby some grapes appear.


A horse dances like a heaven.


Two cups of ice cream appear with different flavors


Mouthwatering juice appear.

K for KIWI 

Two kiwis appear and the letter k falls from the top

L for LION 
One Lion runs and roars.


A Monkey dances with rhythm.

Content from N to Z:

Some nuts appear.

Oranges two oranges appear.


One Parrot with beautiful dress dances wildly.


A wonderfully attired Queen dances with aplomb.


One Rabbit dances and acts crazily.


One Squirrel dances and plays funny acts.


One Tiger does some aerobics and dances childishly.

Three colorful Umbrellas appears and rotates. 

One Vulture appears and it performs some crazy dance.


Three Watermelons appears.


One beautiful Xylophone appears and rotates.

y for YO-YO

Three colorful YO-YO'S appear.


One Zebra appears and dances all the way.

Learn Numbers With Fruits For Toddlers | Learn to Count Numbers | Kids Nursery Rhymes
Kids Nursery Rhymes on Numbers with Fruits:
We (kids nursery rhymes) typically observes the kid capability to find out numbers. So, that we'll be able to develop our abstract videos in line with the toddlers, tiddler cognizance levels. 

Our kid's nursery rhymes typically prefer to club the quantity topic with fruits and completely different props that youngsters very get pleasure from abundantly. Fruits with the quantity can forever excite them to look at and learn the numbers with their favorite fruits.

1. One apple falls from the highest and follows the quantity one.Content:
2. 2 mangos fall from the highest then the quantity two flashes from the facet.
3. 3 pineapples fall from the highest then range three falls from the highest and bounces to come back forth.
4. Four oranges fall from the highest than the four range falls from the highest and shakes and settles down.
5. 5 Kiwis fall from the highest one by one then follows range five.
6. Six red cherries fall from the highest then the quantity comes from the background.
7. Seven bananas rotate anti-clockwise then displays range seven.
8. Eight strawberries rotate then displays range eight.
9. 9 cherries rotate either facet and stop then displays range nine.

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