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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Shapes

A shape is the type of a question or its outside limit, layout, or outside surface, rather than different properties, for example, shading, surface or material arrangement.

In This website is about concerning the kid’s learning colors through enjoying. In this kids nursery rhymes on shapes. Children, Kids, Toddlers, Preschoolers can learn about shapes through animations, colors, toys, and animals.

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Children ought to constantly mindful of shapes that typically they experience in their everyday life. It is the obligation of guardians to show them diverse sort of shapes they typically come across. 

For Illustration, the top of the house is triangle shape and table which serve them the sustenance is the rectangular shape, what's more, the photo on the divider is in a square shape, the stone in the garden is an oval shape and the moon that they day by day appreciate by watching it is in rounded shape i.e. in circle shape. So, each and everything in the universe is fit as a fiddle.

In our kid's nursery rhyme world we make recordings with various creatures which kids love to watch this sort of creatures. Kids nursery rhyme world dependably works for the exceptional ideas for a fascinating watch. Kids nursery rhyme world makes ideas with the blend of the creatures and shapes.

A red coloring or shading duck keeps running on the red color or shade round shape by doing adjusting work. A blue coloring or shading mouse strolls stunning just to experience blue shading square in her way. On pondering about blue shading or coloring square shape blue shading or coloring mouse chooses to hop over it, and at last, it hops over the square shape and leaves easily. A despondent orange coloring or shading rabbit strolls gradually putting her head down all of a sudden orange shading or coloring oval pivots and hits an orange shading or coloring rabbit. Stunned by sudden occurrence orange shading or coloring rabbit quietly holds up until the point when orange shading or coloring oval backs off its turn.

A Purple coloring or shading squirrel lifts the purple shading triangle and strolls like a weightlifter just to put it on the floor and waving the hand. A green coloring or shading parrot performs crisscross stroll on the highest point of the green shading rectangle. After finish crisscross walks and moves it hops from the green shading rectangle and noiselessly flees. A Brown coloring or shading squirrel ducks behind the darker shading hexagon which is turning gradually. Youngsters dependably appreciate by observing diverse theatricality of creatures. 

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In Kids nursery rhymes on shapes, Playing hens gathered and brought one gift box and opened the gift box from that they found so many shapes like Circle Shape, Square shape, Triangle shape, Hexagon shape, Rectangle shape, Oval shape.

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In nursery rhymes on shapes,  the shapes are coming and sliding from the slider and jump to another place. Here we are explaining about circle shape, square shape, hexagon shape, triangle shape, oval shape and rectangle shape one after another.

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The ability to accurately recognize shape is a fundamental mathematical skill, and it is quite rewarding for kids because their world is full of shapes. Understanding shapes will enable kids to be more in tune with the world they are living. Parents should introduce what are the basic shapes and the where the shapes found and how can a child incorporate acknowledge shapes into their life. First of all, parents should teach identify specific shapes, and recognize shapes in the environment. Parents should encourage their kids by giving shape sheets and have your children use the crayons to fill the shapes as you direct. next, encourage your child to draw the shapes with a finger in the sand or flour. Parents should encourage their children to watch nursery rhymes, kids songs.

Kids Nursery Rhymes on Shapes:

In our kid's nursery rhymes, we develop different shape concepts with different animals, games, our kid's nursery rhymes, we make concepts to increase curiosity levels for kids, toddlers, preschoolers.


In an open field a rabbit with the carrot in her hand walks with style, suddenly she notices a bowling ball podium near the trees.the rabbit gets excited and started to think to play bowling ball game. Rabbit throws the ball to the bowling pins .the red circle comes out from the middle bowling pin as it breaks into two pieces.rabbit throws another ball and the pink hexagon shape comes out as bowling pin breaks into two pieces. Rabbit throws another ball and the blue square comes out as bowling pin breaks into two pieces.rabbit throws another bowling ball and the orange color oval comes out as bowling pin breaks into two pieces. Rabbit throws another bowling ball and the pink color triangle comes out as bowling pin breaks into two pieces.rabbit throws another bowling ball and the red color rectangle comes out as bowling pin breaks into two pieces, rabbit thumbs her hand and ends the bowling ball game with style gesture.


In our kid's nursery rhymes, we blend concepts with different games. Kids love watching bowling ball game as it grabs their attention. With our Kids nursery rhymes, we developed shape concept with the help of bowling ball game and the animal rabbit.animals playing bowling ball gives them more entertainment and as well as they are able to understand the shape concept with less difficulty.

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In Kids nursery rhymes about shapes, white colored shapes are coming from one dustbin and getting different colors coating through small tunnels here are the shapes are red color circle shape, blue color square shape, pink color hexagon shape, yellow color oval shape, violet color triangle shape and green rectangle shape one after another.

3D Shapes with Wooden Train For Kids | Learn Shapes | Shapes Songs| Kids Nursery Rhymes
In KidsNurseryRhymeWorld at Kids nursery rhymes on shapes, one horse coming by train and jumped from the train and went to colors and throw the colors one by another on to the train. Those are red colored circle shape, blue colored square shape, pink colored triangle shape, green colored rectangle shape, pink colored hexagon and yellow colored oval shape, the horse gets on to the wooden train again and left the place.

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Kids Nursery Rhymes  on Shapes:

Kids nursery rhymes on shapes, One red colored squirrel came and hit the gift box from that one red colored circle shape came out, one blue colored squirrel came and hit the gift box from that one blue colored square shape came out, one green colored squirrel came and hit the gift box from that one green colored triangle shape came out, one purple colored squirrel came and hit the gift box from that one purple colored hexagon shape came out and one orange colored squirrel came and hit the gift box from that one orange colored oval shape came out.

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